Three Top Destinations for 2020

Here is my pick of three destinations I would like you to consider for 2020. Each is unique in its own way and offers an experience you will never forget.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is well on the road to recovery after the devasting attacks in 2019. There has been an outpouring of warmth towards the country and tourists are returning in high numbers again. You can’t help to be struck by the beauty of this island, the kindness of the people and the wonderful cuisine, unique to Sri Lanka.

A typical itinerary would include visits to bustling Colombo, ancient temples such as Anuradhapura, the awesome Sigiriya rock with the ancient palace ruins at the top, an elephant safari in one of the many national parks and of course any of the magnificent beaches around this lovely island.

The only disappointment you might have on a trip to Sri Lanka is on the last day realising it is time to leave!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica certainly packs a punch when it comes to diversity. Being a fifth the size of the UK, visitors can travel the length of the country from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, whilst taking in the incredible variety of landscape on the way.

National parks protect 26% of Costa Rica and the landscapes range from lush green rainforests and mountain ranges to active volcanoes and cloud forests. Home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity, amazing wildlife can be seen everywhere.

Costa Rica is a natural playground – you can zipline above the treetops, ride class-six rapids on  a rafting experience and abseil down waterfalls, before retiring to your eco-lodge for the evening. Every region of Costa Rica has a different culture and climate as well as unique flora and fauna. This country invites you to visit. As they say in Costa Rica – Pura Vida!


This year-round island paradise of approximately 3000 sq km, boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Indian Ocean as well as a surprising number of activities to make a most memorable visit.

Mauritius offers crystal lagoons, palm-fringed beaches, verdant peaks and an exotic mix of cultures and cuisines.

As well as soaking up the sun on the one of the many perfect beaches you can enjoy sailing the coast on a catamaran, visit the National Botanical Gardens, indulge in a rum distillery or experience the game reserve.

Mauritius is not only a perfect honeymoon destination; it is an island that welcomes families too. Once experienced, the charm of this spectacular island will stay with you forever.
So here are three of the places I think are well worth a visit this year. There are more of course, so contact me today to plan a visit to these or anywhere else on your bucket list.

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