So who made it on the Green List?

Following the announcement by the Global Travel Taskforce on the ‘Traffic Lights’ system, we now have an initial list of countries we can visit without quarantine on return to the UK; these are the countries that are on the green list. Whilst some of the most popular holiday destinations didn’t make the initial list it is worth noting that the government intends to review the list every three weeks and it is highly likely that other countries will be added. There is no doubt that many popular destinations are making a monumental effort to satisfy UK government criteria and be able to accept UK tourists back.

Before reviewing the green list countries, it might be prudent to recap on the requirements for each of the traffic lights.

What are the requirements for each traffic light?

Green: Arrivals will need to take a pre-departure test as well as a PCR test on or before day 2 of their arrival back into the UK but will not need to quarantine on return (unless they receive a positive result) or take any additional tests, halving the cost of tests on their return from holiday.

Amber: Arrivals will need to quarantine for a period of 10 days and take a pre-departure test, a PCR test on day 2 and day 8 with the option for Test to Release on day 5 to end self-isolation early.

Red: Arrivals will be subject to restrictions currently in place for ‘red list’ countries which includes a 10-day stay in a managed quarantine hotel, pre-departure testing and PCR testing on day 2 and 8.

Which destinations are on the Green List?

  • Portugal including the Azores and Madeira
  • Gibraltar
  • Israel
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Brunei
  • Iceland
  • Faroe Islands
  • Falkland Islands

More destinations are expected to be added to the Green List.

Due to the success of the UK vaccination roll-out many countries are opening their borders to UK visitors but their requirements for entry are not all the same across Europe or further afield.  Also, there are different timings for the re-opening of borders which can cause some confusion.

It has also been recognised that some resorts and hotels are more prepared than others for creating a truly welcoming and safe environment for you to enjoy your holiday experience.

This all means that your decision of when and where to go for your holiday needs careful consideration and informed advice to ensure that your holiday experience turns out to be everything you expect.

We’ve all waited a long time to be able to get away so please don’t take any unnecessary risks – contact me so that we can discuss in detail all of your requirements and ensure that you have a holiday experience you will remember for all the right reasons!



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