How to get the holiday you want this year.

Holidays are back on the agenda!

After two years of famine in the travel industry it really is a great relief to see travel restrictions easing all over the globe. This has resulted in a flood of holiday enquiries and bookings for immediate travel; the Easter break, summer holidays and even holidays in 2023.

However, the challenges for those wanting to book a holiday for this year is availability and price as there are a significant number of postponed bookings which have been rolled over from 2021.

As a lot of travellers preferred to postpone last year rather than cancel, this has caused a real issue those wanting to book ‘new’ holidays this year. Certainly, some of the best resorts were reporting some weeks ago that they were almost full for the summer, and that lack of availability has pushed up the price of what is left.

How should I book my next holiday?

Online travel companies were highly criticised by Which? during the height of holiday cancellations last year because of their lack of customer service, and in some cases ‘dodgy refund practices’. However, there has been a lot of positive recognition for the service provided by Personal Travel Consultants; someone that you can actually speak to and will act as your ‘champion’ should you need support with a postponement or cancellation.

Did you know that there are thousands of holiday deals that are only shared with the travel trade and not with the general public? This means that the deals you might find yourself online are not ‘the only deals in town’ and quite likely not the best prices on offer.

As a Personal Travel Consultant, I have oversight of the offers you can see, as well as the ones you can’t. I also have the experience of navigating all the frequently changing entry rules and regulations of destinations all over the world.

So, if you are looking for a holiday experience you will remember for all the right reasons this year, why not get in contact with me first to discuss options. Not only is my advice free but so it my planning and booking service, if you decide to proceed. I am just a phone call away – 01428 748440

Happy holidays!


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