5 Reasons to go on holiday in October.

With the school holidays over, a bit of an autumn chill in the UK and cheaper off-peak prices, I love to get away for a holiday break in October and see it as an extension of summer. There are so many reasons why October is a great time to get away and these are just a few.

  1. Pace yourself

Do you ever feel that by the time your summer holiday arrives you are absolutely wrecked from months of hard work, and it takes you several days into your holiday to relax? It’s a common feeling and then towards the end of that holiday you start to ‘stress’ about going back to work, and there is that sense of ‘that’s it for another year’.

Imagine if you had a short October break to look forward to. I bet that your main summer holiday would be a much more relaxed affair and your work/life balance would be better.

  1. School summer holidays are over

Whilst a lot of resorts are still open in October, they are much less crowded than in the summer season as July and August are the traditional family holiday dates. Airports tend to be less busy as well at this time of year, which means you can avoid long queues. October is the perfect time for an adults-only holiday if you avoid the October half term break.

However, if you are thinking of a family break and you like the idea of going away for the half term holiday, you will be able to take advantage of some off-peak prices on offer specifically for families.

  1. Milder temperatures

Not everyone likes the blistering heat you can experience at a lot of summer destinations. If you choose the right destination, you can enjoy a warm, mild climate which can make it easier to get around and do the activities you want to do. If you are planning a walking/cycling holiday or want to explore a city for a weekend, you do not want to be out and about, exercising during high temperatures. The cooler temperatures in October will allow for a more active holiday whilst you will still be able to enjoy temperatures averaging in the mid 20’s. And sea temperatures are very pleasant after being warmed by months of summer sun, so if you fancy snorkelling in the clear blue waters of the Greek islands this could be the perfect month.

However, if you are a full on sunseeker there are may long-haul destinations where summer is still in full swing.

  1. Off-peak pricing

As already mentioned, there are plenty of bargains to be had as the holiday companies and airlines try to encourage us all to extend our ‘summer spend’.

This means that some of the luxury resorts can suddenly become much more affordable during October. You do need to do the research to find the genuine deals in these resorts and that is where a Personal Travel Consultant can help.

  1. A different holiday atmosphere

The summer season can be a bit hectic with resorts filled to the brim and the resort staff racing around, doing their very best to keep everyone happy. Sometimes this can feel a bit fast paced and not necessarily the relaxed environment you were hoping for.

By October the resorts that are still open have mostly ‘made their money for the year’ and it is a time to bring the pace down. The locals come out from hiding and this can lead to a more relaxed and authentic atmosphere.

My October holiday is already booked, what about you?

If you would like some help in finding a holiday destination for October, why not get in touch, as I have my list of perfect October destinations that I’d love to share with you.


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