Visit the Italian Lakes for an unforgettable experience

Having just recently put together a fantastic holiday for a client family to visit Lake Garda later this year, I was inspired to share some thoughts as to why the Italian lakes really are an unforgettable experience.

Italy has many lakes; in fact, there are over a thousand of them, renowned for their beauty, each is characterized by distinct features. Lakes Garda, Maggiore, and Como are probably the best known throughout the world and have become ideal destinations for spending a little time in the sun and in close contact with nature. There are also some lesser known lakes worth a visit such as Lake Trasimeno (Umbria), Lake Iseo (Lombardy) and Lake Lugano (Lombardy).

Italy’s major lakes offer a range of accommodation to suit all. From quaint boutique hotels to fabulous 5* residences, there is no shortage of choice to find the perfect home for a few days to suit your style and budget. If you prefer eating out and soaking up the local culture, then you are spoilt for choice with fine restaurants, bars and cafes close to most hotels, where you can sample the finest Italian cuisine. The beaches provide all the comforts you could need and are suitable for bathing. In addition to just relaxing, visitors, if they wish, can test their skills with a variety of outdoor activities. A multitude of water sports are on offer such as water skiing, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving, and even fishing, with national level competitions. Sports such as golf, horse riding, and mountain biking are also available almost everywhere. A lakeside holiday also allows you to discover the surrounding areas, which are full of history and traditions.

Italy’s lakes create enchanting landscapes thanks to the extraordinarily prosperous ecosystems that have developed over the millennia, and the evolution of the many and various plant and animal species. Small Alpine lakes, which are quite common in high-altitude areas, are excellent destinations for exciting hikes to explore breath-taking landscapes. A lakeside vacation really does give the rare opportunity to discover and enjoy Italy’s charm, reflected in cool, pristine waters.

A holiday in the Italian lakes is a unique experience which really should be on everyone’s bucket list. The challenge is to be able to find the perfect lake and hotel that is specific to your individual requirement as a family, couple or solo traveller. So, if you would like to know more about a holiday in the Italian lakes and get some help with choosing the right location for you, give me a call on 01428 748440 or contact me at

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