Mauritius – It’s so much more than just a beach paradise

This extraordinary island has so much to offer. Miles of palm-fringed sandy beaches, almost entirely encircled by coral reefs, offer sanctuary for those who want to spend days lounging on the beach. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for diving, snorkelling, swimming, kayaking and that’s just the beginning. Whether it’s skydiving, hiking through the mountains and National Parks or soaking up the culture, this is truly a destination with something for everyone.

The island’s Dutch, French and British legacy is reflected in colonial mansions and botanical gardens, while hospitable locals of African, Indian and Chinese heritage give the island an authentic feel, with colourful markets, temples and fusion cuisine.

Port Louis, the cosmopolitan capital city of Mauritius was founded in 1735 and is located on the Northwest Coast. Buzzing with activity during the day, the city is full of cultural and historical treasures that should not be missed. Beyond the central market, which is a focal point for those who want to feel close to the soul of Mauritius, are many historic sites including the Champ de Mars – the oldest racecourse in the southern hemisphere.

330 kilometres of coastline are encircled by a coral barrier reef that protects the turquoise lagoons of the island. Mauritius offers exclusive diving experiences to its visitors all year round. With its safe lagoons stretching up to the barrier reef, its passes, drop-offs and wrecks, the island provides a wide variety of dives for both beginners and those with more experience.
The West and South-West coasts of Mauritius are the driest areas on the island. Protected from the prevailing winds, the region boasts some superb hotels and lagoons calm enough for swimming, snorkelling, diving, water-skiing, kayaking, pedal boats and sailing activities.

Tamarin Bay or the world famous “One Eye” at Le Morne is where you can find the best waves for surfing. Le Morne is also well known by kitesurfers, windsurfing and surfing due to the steady winds that blow in from the South-East and accelerate in this corner of the island almost all year round. Some of the most beautiful hotels and golf courses are found at Le Morne. The oldest ones were established with the arrival of the first tourists on the island and have an authentic hostelry culture.

In the west of the island are the lush Black River Gorges. Black River Gorges National Park extends over 16,680 acres and provides a haven to highly endangered native plants and animals. It plays home to around 311 species of endemic flowering plants and nine species of birds that can only be found in Mauritius.
You can spend the day visiting the different Nature Parks (Casela, Gros Cailloux) in the region, going for walks and taking in the stunning surroundings. There are even some tame African lions, giraffes and other animals to see.

If you want to relax on the beach, catch a tan and meet some friendly locals, Flic en Flac is the place to be. With its white beaches fringed with Casuarina trees, it is a popular location for weekend beach activities such as swimming and snorkelling. When you’re done soaking up the sun there are a number of restaurants to choose from, and a lively nightlife. Don’t miss the Cathedral – one of the most popular dives in Mauritius. Located off Flic- en- Flac on the west coast of the island the beauty of the surroundings is incredible. Other popular spots include Gunner’s Coin, where you can see large parrotfish at each dive; Whale Rock (26 to 38 meters deep) where the lucky ones can come face to face with a hammerhead shark; and Holt’s Rocks (16 to 25 meters deep) whose name suggests the formation of huge rocks under the sea.

The East coast with its succession of beaches is undoubtedly one of the island’s most beautiful coastlines set alongside emerald coloured lagoons. Punctuated with numerous luxurious hotels and authentic villages, this coast has the particularity of being exposed to the constant south-east trade winds. The several kilometres long Belle Mare beach is its main attraction
The wildest and most beautiful landscapes of the island are in the South: sandy beaches bordered by cliffs carved by waves, rocky shores, sugar cane fields as far as the eye can see, and mountainous terrains offering magnificent panoramas.

Mauritius is rightly becoming a very popular destination in the Indian Ocean and I can find the perfect resort for you, on the very best beaches, with access to all of these exciting places and activities. So, give me a call and let’s start planning what will be a holiday to remember for years to come.

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