So how was your holiday experience this year?

So how have you managed this year? Did you get away for a much needed break or did you resign yourself to a staycation this year? It has certainly been a challenging year for travel and I hope that you weren’t caught up in some of the changes of rules and regulations around air corridors and the like. For many of us it has been a difficult balance between really needing a break away from it all and wanting to be sure that everyone remained safe and secure as well as happy and rested.

Of course the travel industry has been quiet throughout most of this year but I have still been working hard helping clients either get a break during this year or plan for a wonderful well- earned and anticipated dream holiday in 2021. My inside knowledge of countries, regions and individual resorts, gained over the years by visiting and building up contacts on the ground, has meant that I’ve been able to advise my clients carefully and knowledgeably about places to travel to.

Of course some countries have been essentially closed to travellers for part of the year, and others have had quarantine restrictions on return home. However, there are now some destinations you can safely visit and enjoy without such restrictions, and I would be happy to advise you of the trends and possibilities. The Maldives and Canary Islands are now open for business without the need to quarantine on your return. And looking forward to next year (aren’t we all!?) the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean in particular are making positive steps to be ready to receive tourists safely while minimising disruptions to their holiday experience. Other destinations are close behind and as Covid testing improves and increases at airports and resorts we anticipate a much easier and more predictable picture next year.

These additional considerations and sometimes complications, mean that it has never been more important to have a personal travel consultant help you to make your travel plans. I will provide you with valuable knowledge and considered opinion. Remember the benefits of talking to me before planning and booking your next holiday because it’s even more important than ever that you have a holiday that you will remember for all the right reasons:

  1. My service is FREE to you; and you still get a great deal!
  2. I am an independent Personal Travel Consultant with the backing of the Hays Travel Group, the largest independent travel group in the UK.
  3. You will receive one-to-one personal attention, not just access to a call centre
  4. I have full ABTA cover and can offer flexibility in the booking if it needs to be re-booked or cancelled or you are entitled to a refund.
  5. I will do all the investigative work on suitable destinations and resorts
  6. I can organise travel insurance that includes cover for Covid 19

So remember, many of my clients had a wonderful, restful and happy holiday this year. Many have already booked a holiday to look forward to during the dark cold winter months ahead, and for next year. Travel is still possible and the wonderful holiday destinations still await. All you need is someone to help you to navigate the additional considerations. I can do that for you.

Give me a call and let’s start planning a holiday that you and your family deserve.

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