Why you should book your 2023 holiday now

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At this time of year most of us are looking forward to our upcoming summer holiday and probably picking out the holiday clothes to pack along with the sun cream. So why am I suggesting you should be thinking about your 2023 summer holiday right now?

How next year will be different

As the media has widely reported the return to travel this year has not been smooth, with shortages of airline and airport staff impacting on some holiday plans. Since the lifting of travel restrictions, the demand for holidays has outstripped capacity in places and so it is not a great surprise that getting back to pre-pandemic normality is taking a bit of time.

Next year will be a different scenario because airlines and airports will be back to full capacity, but what will be the impact on holidays following the preceding months of restructuring? The airlines will certainly need to recoup lost income, with potential price rises on top of the broader inflation due to energy prices and other global factors.


What is the view of the travel industry?

Jet2holidays boss Steve Heapy is among the leaders in the tourism industry who believe the rising cost of living is about to drive up the price of a holiday to record levels by next summer.

Speaking at the Hays Travel Independence Group 2022 conference earlier this year, Heapy told delegates it was more important than ever for holidaymakers to book 2023 holidays now to get a good deal.

I am also currently noticing more bookings being made a year in advance than in previous years. Clients are putting a deposit down now to secure next year’s holiday at this year’s price which makes perfect sense.

Yes, it takes a bit more planning ahead but that is exactly what my role is, to help clients to put together a fantastic holiday itinerary at the best possible price.

Imagine being able to go on holiday this year knowing that your deposit payment has already secured next year’s holiday! You effectively have a year to pay off the balance and that’s 2023 taken care of! As we are all feeling the impact of the increasing cost of living at the moment, being able to spread the cost is an attractive option.

What next?

So my message is don’t delay, get 2023 booked today. There are great deals to be had right now as confidence in travel comes back but they won’t be there for long as the travel industry turns its focus on next year.

To get ahead of the game, contact me to discuss your 2023 holiday plans now.

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