5 important reasons why you should book your 2023 holiday now.

Travel is back.

On the 14th March 2022, the then Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps announced the lifting of travel restrictions in to the UK to commence on from the 18th March. Whilst there was a collective sigh of relief from us all, the demand for holidays quickly outstripped capacity and so it was probably not a great surprise that getting back to pre-pandemic normality took some time. What followed was several months of chaos at some airports and the cancellations of many airline flights, much to the frustration of the general public.

So how does this impact on your 2023 holiday?

  1. Airlines and airports lost a lot of money during the pandemic and as they return to full capacity, the focus is on the need to recoup lost income. This means that holidays will be more expensive next year, and it is likely that any last-minute deals will be few and far between.
  2. The British pound has been taking a battering on global markets, so price rises on top of the broader inflation due to energy prices and other global factors means that holiday budgets will be stretched compared with previous years. Speaking at the Hays Travel Independence Group 2022 conference earlier this year, Jet2holidays boss Steve Heapy told delegates it was more important than ever for holidaymakers to book 2023 holidays now to get a good deal as the rising cost of living will drive up the price of a holiday to record levels by next summer.
  3. There is no doubt that resorts around the globe need to get back to full capacity in 2023, so they are offering the best prices right now. This is because they want the reassurance that they can invest in the resort and their staff for the coming year. Once they have reached a ‘safe level’ of predicted capacity the prices are likely to rise sharply.
  4. During the pandemic there were many resorts and travel companies that were unable to survive the decimation of there business. Either because they were relatively new to the industry and so had not been able to build resilience into the business, or some larger organisations that were over-leveraged meant that they were unable to continue to trade. This all means that there will not be as much capacity (less choice for travellers) next year and it is widely predicted that it will be 2024 before it is fully restored.
  5. Putting a deposit down on your holiday now secures your 2023 holiday at 2022 prices and gives you more time to spread the cost of your holiday with either a flexible payment system offered by the travel professional (such as the one we provide) or saving monthly by your own means. This means that there are no concerns about paying the balance of your holiday a few weeks before you depart.

Next Steps

I am regularly taking bookings for holidays in 2023 and 2024, which shows that many of my clients are heeding the advice above, and planning in advance.

My role is to advise and help clients to put together a fantastic holiday itinerary at the best possible price, which is why my advice is to book early – book now!

Don’t delay, get 2023 booked today. There are great deals to be had right now as confidence in travel returns.

To get ahead of the game, contact me to discuss your 2023 holiday plans.


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